Spud Dustreaper

Burly Farmhand


His vacant expression, wandering attention, and slow drawl don’t let on that this broad, dusty figure is in fact a highly skilled farmhand. As a roper and wrastler of hogs, few match his talents and he tills solid earth with uncanny ease.
They call him “Spud.” Word is he sprung up from the earth itself behind a shed where his father used to go for his “me time.” The story is confirmed when people see the small dust cloud rising around Spud whenever he moves.
Whatever his actual parentage may be, he’s been known to travel for years with a fellow farmhand, Eoghan, a half-elf who sometimes watches out for this dim-witted hulk. While traveling on the road with his friend, he can be seen toting what looks like an oversized scythe (Spud calls it a ‘sling blade’). Darker rumors persist that the pair move from farm to farm, leaving murder behind them.



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Spud Dustreaper

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