Eoghan "Shaft" Pinmark

Half-Elf, Ranger (Trapper)


Age: 27, Male
Height: 5’5
Weight: 125
Hair: Brown / Eyes: Blue

STR: 12; +1
DEX: 20; +5
CON: 13; +1
INT: 12; +1
WIS: 14; +2
CHA: 13; +1

HP: 12
AC 16
Touch: 15/ Flat-footed: 11

Speed: 30’
Int: +5
Fort: +3
Ref: +7
Will: +2

Languages: Common, Elven, Elvish-Terran

Acrobatics +5
Appraise +1
Bluff +1
Climb +1
Craft (Traps) +5
Craft (Bows) +1
Craft (Arrows) +1
Diplomacy +1
Disable Device +6
Escape Artist +5
Fly +5
Handle Animal + 5
Heal + 2
Intimidate +1
Knowledge (Geography) +5
Knowledge (Nature) + 5
Perception +8
Profession (Trapper) +7
Ride + 5
Sense Motive + 2
Stealth +5
Survival +5
Swim +1


Eoghan (pron: ohn) was born to a merchant man and an elven woman. However, Eoghan knows very little of his family history only that he fits in with neither the humans of the city or the elves of the wood. On an individual basis, he has been treated without much animosity, but the societies at large don’t offer any real kinship to him.

As such, he’s worked various jobs in the outskirts on farms and ranches as a hand, shepherd or stable boy. He has also taken the odd job of transporting the goods to the city to sell. He is not unfamiliar to the various towns and cities of Sloan, but he has never lived there.

Eoghan has, for the most part, always kept to himself and kept to his work (which has never been steady. He’s had to work hard to make up for his lithe body and his short stature. He’s well-taught in the skills of trapping, taming and herding animals. He has always had an interest in archery and is self-disciplined. For the past two years, he has worked primarily as a rancher in more dangerous territory and protects the animals well from a far.

Due to Eoghan’s low income, he has saved what he can but lives well off the land. Foraging and hunting for his own meals, making his own (basic) clothing and footwear when he has to, and makes his own bows and arrows. While still poor, his independence has allowed him to save a serviceable amount. He did recently just purchase padded armor, since his work and life is becoming increasingly more dangerous due to the increasing racism.

The anti-elf feelings in the nation are greatly affecting his ability to work. There are still some who overlook his ears, and trust him and his work, he has gained a slight reputation for his hard work among certain farms after all.

Despite the way, or possibly in response to the way, Eoghan has been treated his is fairly amicable and quite polite. He doesn’t expect much from others and tries to stay out of their way and is slow to trust.

As half elf, Eoghan does have a spark of magic within him, but it’s currently unexplored.

He has no loyalty to man nor elf but holds no grudge against any race. Except for Ratpeople, which he’s seen on a handful of lonely night watches, but daren’t tell many others about them. Eoghan spoke of his ratfolk encounters when he was younger, but was so berated and laughed at that his curiosity of them turned to scorn.

Eoghan "Shaft" Pinmark

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